Jason has worked for a number of companies, organisations and charities, below is a selection of his clients

"The feedback from the team was one of shocked admiration and humble respect for an achievement. Your talk now creates some folklore that I can refer to at a point in time where the team moved forward under my Leadership”. 

Alistair How
, Managing Director, Bupa International

Your journey is tremendously inspirational and your commitment and ruthless focus on your goal is impressive. I heard many comments and thoughts after your speech like; ‘Such an inspiration’, ‘Made me proud to be British’, ‘I want to be part of a team that creates possibility like that’. We all loved it. You made a massive difference to this team yesterday.
Jacqueline de Rojas, Vice President & General Manager. UK & Ireland

Jason’s speeches were phenomenally inspirational – I had feedback of goose bumps and tears! 
Philippa Rowley
, Business Design and Integration, Lloyds Banking Group